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Book Review: The Girl in The Tower

The Magic Continues with Vasya and her Journey

Book Review: Trust Me Not

Trust Me Not, as the name suggests, is a story of love, betrayal, friendship and politics.

Book Review: Home Fire

Story of three siblings and their struggle in London.

Book Review: 8 Hours

Aratrika Reddy, the charismatic CEO of ARYA Holdings Ltd., has just 8 Hours to save her company from certain bankruptcy. The multi-billion dollar hotels to steel conglomerate, founded by her mercurial father, liquor baron Madhusudhan Reddy, has many suitors, all of them plotting a hostile takeover. Aratrika’s estranged husband, Siddhartha is one of them. His … Continue reading Book Review: 8 Hours

Book Review: When Opposites Meet

It is a feel good love story.

Book Review: Turtles All The Way Down

Aza has a problem that even therapy is not able to solve. Davis has a lot of money and a missing father. And no, this is not their love story.

Book Review: Transit Lounge

A travel story

Book Review: Hell! No Saints in Paradise

A non-believer's journey to find the reality of the concept of Paradise.

My New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year!!

Book Review: The Wonderling

A wonder fox in a wonderful world, though he has no idea how wonderful the world can be. Mira Bartok’s The Wonderling is about a foundling who lives in an orphanage that believes in stomping on the orphaned, ill-lucked creatures. Foundlings are creatures who are neither animals, nor humans. They are somewhere in between giving … Continue reading Book Review: The Wonderling