Book Review: True Liars

Love and lies, two things that complicate our lives and that is what Isha Inamdar’s True Liars is about. The story starts with Anjana, Nj to her friends, and Harsh who are going to Harsh’s home as dating couple to attend his sister’s wedding. His reason for doing so is that he wants to hide his homosexual orientation from his family and bringing a girlfriend ensures that his family makes no matchmaking efforts for him. What starts out as a simple lie for a week, becomes complicated when NJ is attracted to Rudra, Harsh’s elder brother. Rudra also feels the same and his guilt over falling for his younger brother’s love and outburst towards the same creates havoc in their lives. By the time Rudra comes to know of the truth, NJ is gone from their lives forever.

The author, Isha Inamdar, has woven a simple story which will keep you interested till the end. It’s a love story and like any other of its genre, its somewhat clichéd. But what keeps the hold on the reader is the reaction and thoughts of every character in the story. I especially liked the vulnerability of Harsh in the situation that was created by his stupidity. Fearing the repercussions if his family found out that he was gay, he built a castle of lies and inadvertently destroyed NJ and his brother who he revered.
This book is a perfect weekend read as it is relaxing and of perfect length and well, who doesn’t like a good love story. Also, the cover is intriguing and eye catching.

My rating: 3/5

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