Book Review: The Woman Who Saw The Future

Sapna Vaid has a supernatural power. She has dreams, and these dreams are premonitions. She sees people dying in accidents or major calamities and her dreams come true very soon. So, we have a distressed Sapna who has no idea what to do. Her anxious parents are already battling with the untimely death of their son and now they see their daughter suffer every day. Then one day, she saves a business tycoon Kabir from a bomb in his car and that’s when her life turns. For better or for worse is something that forms the premise of the story. Kabir offers her a television show wherein he wants her to let the world know of her premonitions so that she is able to save as many people as possible. In turn, they would make a lot of money out of this arrangement. And thus, her show starts and after some initial distrust, people start believing her around the world and she is heralded as a saviour.

The Girl Who Saw the Future is written by Amit Sharma. His heroine is a young college girl who suddenly finds herself in the midst of all the chaos because of the special gift she has suddenly been given. Sapna is a feisty girl who is still coming to terms with her older brother’s death when she starts having these dreams. The author has included some of the well-known disasters to lend credibility to his story and it does work to some extent.

We are told in the very beginning that Sapna dies and also, that she has murdered someone and the story builds up to that point. It is an interesting book and can be read over a weekend. The helplessness and fear in Sapna which turns into a lust for power and money is nicely portrayed. My only complaint is that there should have been some more feelings injected into the words. We are talking superpower here and that should have been depicted in a more forceful manner.

My rating: 3/5

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