My New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year fellow Muggles!

It’s the beginning of another year and I am once again thinking of new resolutions, knowing perfectly well that I will never manage to stick to them. That’s a habit with me, I start the year all excited and within days I get lazy and the resolutions seem daunting, to the extent that I forget all about them. This happens to me every year. In 2017, I had resolved to lose enough weight to fit into my old jeans but that’s yet to happen. Frankly, I am done trying to lose weight, which will happen when it has to happen because I love eating too much for my own good (it appears that gluttony is my sin).

Coming to 2018, this year my resolution concerns only books because that is all I do. Read and then read some more. So this year, my target is 52 books, that’s one book per week and my target comes with a little twist. These 52 books will of course include Indian authors but I am also going to add the following categories:
o A book series which I can finish in a go because who wants to wait for the next installment to come out. Last series I read was Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children back in 2016 so I need to start something good soon. Any suggestions?
o Two Classics starting with the letter M. There are so many classics I have to read that I decided to start my classics quest with the first letter of my name. Maybe I will continue this till I exhaust all letters of my name, and then move on to Husband’s name!
o A collection of short stories because you get to read multiple characters in one book.
o A collection of poems because I haven’t read any since college.
o One play by Shakespeare.
o A book in Hindi as I want to read some good literature in my national language.

This is my big challenge within the reading challenge and I am going to stick to it. Should I also add reading the books I purchased last year to my challenges list?

Apart from reading, journaling is also attracting me. I have two pretty journals with me and I want to fill them with my thoughts and at the same time I don’t really want to write in them because I like them in their pristine condition. Such dilemma in life! So, here comes my second resolution: Filling up those journals by the end of this year because writing is so much fun.

I think I will stick to these two for this year and maybe, just maybe, lose a kilo or two of the extra weight that I have put on.

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