Book Review: Transit Lounge

Sunil Mishra has written Transit Lounge as a memoir of his many travels through various countries, 30 in number to be precise. In the book, he talks about all his journeys and his experience through the airports and various countries. He has provided details of every country, facts are provided and myths, decoded. The book starts with his journey to Africa where Malaria is rampant and his brush with corruption at Mumbai Airport. He embarks upon his journey to every new country with equal enthusiasm and describes about these places in this travelogue cum memoir.

The author tells us about his experiences, sometimes good and sometimes bad like being mugged in a foreign country. He has given a comparison of lifestyles and living conditions of each country with that of India and that makes an interesting read. The book does lose steam at times and I did lose my interest more than a couple of times. It can be a good point of reference for those who like to travel to different countries. A decent read and maybe enjoyed by those who like non-fiction. I, on the other hand, am a pure fiction lover so maybe my lack of enthusiasm is due to that.

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