Book Review: When Opposites Meet

When Opposites Meet is a story of three couples who are as different as chalk and cheese. Ritwika is a wheelchair bound college student and Chetan Jadhav is a national level wrestler. They have the same genetic disorder but in Ritwika it has caused her low muscle mass whereas in Jadhav, the same disease has created extra muscle. They meet because of his illness and very soon find themselves attracted to each other.

Indu, Ritwika’s mother, is a single mother who likes dressing up and is very social. Ritwika’s professor, Lokesh is a socially awkward man and when these two meet they bond instantly.

Jayant, Ritwika’s cousin, is a loner who seldom utters a word. He meets Aditi, who talks a lot. She has a compulsion to swallow whatever is in her sight. Jayant finds himself going to her house each day for Maggi.

The story is about these people who come together and fall in love with each other despite all their differences. Sachin Garg’s narration is well-paced and interesting. The basic theme of the story is that love can blossom anywhere, between people even if they are very different to each other. But, these differences also affect their decisions in life. The basic question here is if love can conquer all. It is a feel good story that you can read in a day or two and relax and unwind.

My rating:  3/5

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