Book review: Inside The Heart of Hope

Inside The Heart of Hope by Rishabh Puri is Rick’s story. Rick has a congenital heart disease which has defined his whole life. He was never allowed to run or play like the other kids his age. He is coping with his illness until his girlfriend leaves him when she comes to know of his condition.

The restrictions put upon him by his parents combined with his break-up and the fact that he is not allowed to attend college slowly eat at him and he reaches the point of what can be called the rock bottom. This is the point where he can either keep falling down the hole or gather the pieces of his life and restart.

The narration is simple and to the point. Even though the protagonist is suffering, the writing never gets depressing. There is always a ray of hope and that makes the story light. It’s a short book and you can easily finish it on a lazy weekend.

My rating: 3.2/5

P.S. I was given a copy of the book by The Book Fever in exchange of my honest review.

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