Book Review: Demons of Time

Sci-fi plus time travelling equals an interesting tale. Mostly it’s true and in case of Demons of Time, you can say the formula almost delivers a hundred per cent result.

Varun Sayal has weaved a story where we have time demons, who are essentially time travelers gone bad, a young protagonist looking for revenge and a guru who is running against time to stop a grand mishap.

The year is 3077BC and Tej and his mother have escaped the clutches of a time demon, Kumbh, with the help of a guru, Rigu and Kumbh is captued. Twenty years later, Tej is a married man with a 4-year old daughter. His mother has died a few years ago and he is leading a normal village life when Rigu comes to visit him and requests his help in recapturing Kumbh. And so, Tej undertakes a journey spanning more than 5 thousand years to fulfill what he believes is his destiny.

Coming to the writing, it’s good. I found the book quite interesting. Technological advancements and their pros & cons have been well woven with the concept of time travelling. Although, there are times when it’s unfathomable that a person in 3057BC can understand computers and virtual reality so easily. But other than that, most of the story flows well.

The characters do require some more time and development. Human emotions of love, betrayal, anger, etc. have not been portrayed very well. Maybe, we will see more facets of the main characters in the next part of the series.

My rating: 3.4/5

P.S. I would like to thank author Varun Sayal for review copy of this book.

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