Cinema, movie, film, whatever name you want to call it has always been an important part of our lives. Right from our childhood we started watching animated movies and then children’s movies to grown up movies. Not a week passes where most of us do not treat ourselves to a movie, new or old.

I for one used to be a big big movie buff. A lot of my childhood memories have me going to watch movies in cinema hall. We used to go to cinema halls for watching films; and multiplexes came into being sometime in 2000s. In the 90s there were single screen cinema halls with different tiers of seats with different prices for different levels and where I lived, morning shows were dedicated to English movies and Hindi movies usually started from 11a.m. or 12 noon and shows started every three hours. That used to be the norm.

I do remember all this mostly because we would pick a movie, fix a time and then stand in queues to purchase tickets. The ticket queue was in itself a struggle (a little less for us girls because we always got to move up the line on priority basis). The queues never deterred us, I have watched Him Aapke Hain Koun about seven or eight times in hall, Mohabbatein twice and a few other Shah Rukh Khan movies more than once.

I don’t get much time to watch movies anymore but I do make some time for revising the good ones. But can someone please tell me why the younger sister in original Bhool Bhulaiya had lost her voice?

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3 responses to “Cinema”

  1. This reminded me of the first movie that I ever watched in the theater – Duplicate in 1998. Gosh I do not miss standing in lines to purchase tickets!


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