Book Review: Love and (Mellow)Drama

Love and (Mellow)Drama by Manali Desai is a romantic story but with a powerful message at its core. The story is about a young girl Gayatri for whom dance is everything. She wants to pursue her passion but because of lack of support from her parents, she joins a college to pursue her degree. Varun is a rich boy pursuing his MBA who knows that only hard work brings success in life.

They live in opposite parts of the dream city Mumbai and perhaps the only factor common between them is their love for Hindi films and Hindi songs. A chance encounter attracts them towards each other and though Gayatri tries to pull away from him, they keep meeting and eventually fall in love.

But, their life story is not so simple. There are misunderstandings and ego tussles that keep getting in their way. They meet, they break up, then meet again. But, it is not just their love story. This is also a story of Gayatri following her passion and never giving up her first love, dancing.

The book is full of Hindi songs and movies innuendos and is quite entertaining. If you don’t like Hindi movies, you will certainly not like this book but if you have grown up in the era of entertaining Hindi movies, the dialogues and songs will make sense and add to the reading experience.

The characters are good, very well defined and everyone has a part to play in Gayatri and Varun’s story. The story is basically about a girl living her dreams instead of giving up and settling down and that makes for a refreshing change.

My rating: 4.1/5

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