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Book review: City of Bones & City of Ashes

Now, I know these are old books, an old series but I have started reading this 6-book series this year, so I’m writing about them now.

City of Bones is the first part of The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare and is the book enchanting or what. I started reading it because I had to reduce he size of my one-year-old TBR list and this one called to me. Once I started, I had to finish it at he earliest and move to the next part.

Clarissa or Clary is an average American teenage girl who has a fairly simple life. Going to school, going out with friends and defying her mom. She has never known her father but she has a father-figure in her life, Luke. All this changes one day when she meets a handsome and attractive boy, Jace and his friends Alec and Isabelle.

Soon after, Clary’s mother disappears and she is sucked into a world that she didn’t even know existed. She meets Shadowhunters, demons, werewolves, vampires and warlocks. In her pursuit to find her mother, she comes across many truths that were hidden from her and also falls in love with Jace.

At the end of the first part, Clary finds her mother but she is in a coma-like state and no medicine shows any effect on her. Clary also learns some shocking truth about herself and Jace which changes the dynamics of her blossoming relationship with Jace completely.

Part two of the series, City of Ashes carries on with Clary’s search for a cure for her mother and also her struggles with the reality of the life that was hidden from her so far. They are all under serious threat from Valentine, the great villain, as he is gaining more power with each passing day.

Talking of the characters, Clary is a likeable teenager who is suddenly thrust into the unknown with no clue of who to trust and how to protect herself. Jace is fearless warrior who comes across as arrogant at first but is quite charming when he wants to be. Simon, Clary’s best friend is a normal human boy who likes her and keeps trying to tell her this. His character shows the maximum change and is a delight to read.

I found Cassandra Clare’s writing fast and interesting. I am partial towards fantasy books and this series has delivered it for me. The first two parts are good, fast and with enough plot twists to keep you hooked. From first page to the last, I was completely engrossed and as soon as I finished the first part, I wanted to move to the next. There are four more to go in the series and I have no idea how the story will pan out ahead, but the beginning of the saga is promising enough.

My rating: 4.5/5 for City of Bones

4.5/5 for City of Ashes


Book Review: Wing Jones

She finds her wings on the race tracks. Wing Jones is different from others in looks and she is made aware of this every day at school. Her mother is from China and father from Ghana, and this has given her a peculiar appearance so she stands out. She lives with both her grandmothers, mother and elder brother, her only support system. 

Having spent almost 15 years of her life trying to be invisible and with low self-esteem, she is suddenly alone after her brother slips into a coma following a car accident. From this point starts Wing’s new journey, where she finds herself missing her brother and no way to help her mother. One night, in her need to escape the distress and helplessness, she realizes that she can run faster than most people. Her speed gives her exhilaration and purpose. But, like everything else, it is not that easy to forget everything and race.
Wing Jones is written by Katherine Webber. She has portrayed a very diverse family, where different races and culture come together. Wing’s grandmothers, one Chinese and another from Ghana, keep bickering all through the novel and it is fun to read. They are like twin sisters or best friends who will never appear to see eye to eye and yet, take care of each other and the family as a team. And, of course there is romance. It is not overdone, the love is present, as an undertone to everything Wing does but the dream of success is what drives our protagonist and you will find yourself cheering her on. All characters are well written, with their flaws and struggle and victory. You will feel sorry for them and also angry at them for their stupidity.
A special mention about the cover itself. The book is so pretty, I just loved it in my hands and now I love to see it on my bookshelf. It just pops! This book is just what you need to cheer you up.

My rating: 3.5/5