Book Review: Wing Jones

She finds her wings on the race tracks. Wing Jones is different from others in looks and she is made aware of this every day at school. Her mother is from China and father from Ghana, and this has given her a peculiar appearance so she stands out. She lives with both her grandmothers, mother and elder brother, her only support system. 

Having spent almost 15 years of her life trying to be invisible and with low self-esteem, she is suddenly alone after her brother slips into a coma following a car accident. From this point starts Wing’s new journey, where she finds herself missing her brother and no way to help her mother. One night, in her need to escape the distress and helplessness, she realizes that she can run faster than most people. Her speed gives her exhilaration and purpose. But, like everything else, it is not that easy to forget everything and race.
Wing Jones is written by Katherine Webber. She has portrayed a very diverse family, where different races and culture come together. Wing’s grandmothers, one Chinese and another from Ghana, keep bickering all through the novel and it is fun to read. They are like twin sisters or best friends who will never appear to see eye to eye and yet, take care of each other and the family as a team. And, of course there is romance. It is not overdone, the love is present, as an undertone to everything Wing does but the dream of success is what drives our protagonist and you will find yourself cheering her on. All characters are well written, with their flaws and struggle and victory. You will feel sorry for them and also angry at them for their stupidity.
A special mention about the cover itself. The book is so pretty, I just loved it in my hands and now I love to see it on my bookshelf. It just pops! This book is just what you need to cheer you up.

My rating: 3.5/5

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