Book review: Tied to Deceit (ARC)

Murder mystery in a hill station is always attractive. This one too doesn’t fail to attract. An attractive, single woman is found murdered in her home and thus starts the investigation led by Vishwanath Sharma.

The story starts with a super rich Dr. Bhardwaj who is caught in the company of Devika by his wife. A few days later, Devika ends up dead. In the course of investigation, it is revealed that Devika was a very vile person and her beauty had made her arrogant with little regard for others’ feelings. The suspense is woven around her personality and every character involved here is somehow affected because of her behaviour.

Neena H Brar’s attempt at a whodunnit is good. It’s not perfect by any means but sure enough it’s enjoyable. The characterisation could have been a lot better. Specially, the characters of power couple of Sanover, Mr. And Mrs. Bhardwaj should have been given more depth. A lot of time was spent on Devika and her way of life and somewhere the story started getting redundant. A little more speed and focus on other people in the story and the murder mystery will be perfect.

My rating: 3.5/5

I got the book as a part of the review program in Outset.

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