Book Review: The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club

I remember, as a kid when I read a book I imagined myself being there, partaking the same adventure as the characters in the book. The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club has reminded me of the same childhood with its ships and unicorns. Stella’s adventure is so perfectly depicted, that it’s not hard to imagine being there in the Icelands with her.

The Polar Bear Explorer’s Club has Unicorns and dragons and wolves. Stella, an orphan girl, is taken
in by an explorer, Felix who brings her up as his own daughter. She has grown up listening to Felix’s stories of grand explorations and wishes to become an explorer herself. The only hindrance in her path is that The Polar Bear Explorer’s Club does not accept girls. It is a man’s world and she is not allowed to be a part of it. After much pleading on Stella’s part, Felix gets her accepted as a part of the Club and thus, she embarks upon an adventurous journey to the centre of the Icelands, where no man has ever reached before.

Though it is a children’s book, I enjoyed reading it. The plot is fast and easy. Stella is a lovable character and Beanie is different from others and cute. Other child explorers, Shay and Ethan have their wolf-whispering and magic and this unique group is stranded in the ice and they have to survive without any adult to help them.

Fairy-tale plus adventure with a touch of feminism makes for a great story and this one surely delivers. There are Frosties too who will bite off your fingers once you fall asleep. And the ending is so promising. I hope the sequel is coming soon.

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