Book review: Sniper’s Eye

India Pakistan rivalry is a huge thing and when a sniper story comes up, the first thought is that we have a neighbour dedicated story coming up. This one is on the rivalry and some more.

Sniper’s Eye starts with our hero, Aditya out on a date with his girlfriend in a mall where they witness a man being shot right in front of them by a sniper. From here events unfold fast where Aditya finds himself dragged back to his days in the Indian Army and to certain events that he has been trying hard to forget.

Mainak Dhar’s story has corruption and terrorism at its core and it showcases how some people use the system to earn extra money. The writing is crisp, characters are good and Adi as a man fighting his past and trying to build a present with Zoya. I found the book quite enjoyable but surely it could have done with a little more depth. A good read for the weekend.

My rating: 3.9/5

P.S. Thank you Writersmelon for the review copy of this book.

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