Book review: Once Upon an IAS Exam

The Big Indian Dream! That’s what IAS exam is all about, and that’s the topic of the book Once Upon an IAS Exam written by K. Vijayakarthikeyan. It’s a story about Vishy, who has valiantly decided to crack the Indian Civil Services exam and joins a coaching institute to help him achieve his target. He is also in love with his childhood friend Rithika who is yet to acknowledge and reciprocate to his proposal.

The story starts on the day UPSC prelim results are declared and Vishy has not cleared the exam. He is disappointed but not disheartened and decides to join a coaching institute. His quest for a good institute also provides us an insight into the kind of business this has turned into and how preparation has also become a money market for some. In the meantime, he has also proposed Rithika and she is yet to respond. So does he get what he wants? Both in his professional and love life?

The story is fairly simple and writing is light. There are funny moments and some sad reality too which is not portrayed too darkly. Personally, I found this one quite good and had me occupied during the waiting time at airport. It’s not too long or convoluted so you can finish it in a go. And, this book will provide a little bit of insight into what an aspirant goes through during his preparation days. I suggest giving this a go on any upcoming lazy weekend.

My rating: 4/5

P.S. I would like to thank Vinfluencers for review copy of this book.

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