Observation is All it Takes

Over the last few years, as entertainment has spread its roots through digital means, various platforms have multitude of programs for children. I know we are not supposed to expose our kids to mobile phones and stuff. Screen time is not good for them. But sometimes you just have to give in.

In our case it’s nursery rhymes and pre-school educational shows on YouTube whenever Little Miss wants. Quite recently, she has also started showing her interest in musical videos with children. When she enjoys a particular song, she laughs and always turns around to look at whoever is with her to share her liking.

Since Little Miss is not yet speaking and cannot operate the Tab yet, she is dependent on us, the grown ups to turn it on and play songs for her. One day she was playing with her toys when she suddenly went to our room and started crying. She would try to go to the corner where the tab was charging and make her Grandma understand something. When she would not understand, Little Miss would start crying again. It took her a few minutes to realise that her grand daughter was asking for her tab but when she did, Little Miss got her wish to watch some of her favourite songs. Then came the happy smile. Aah! It’s so wonderful, you could sit and watch her smile whole day.

When you have a child who doesn’t speak or points at what they want, you start picking on their gestures and behaviour. There is always a tell as to when they are getting hungry, thirsty or sleepy. Same way, we observe and we know what Little Miss wants or likes or dislikes. It’s exactly like when your child is small and won’t go to a certain uncle or aunt no matter how hard they try. It’s just a simple fact that your kid does not like that person. You just have to focus on the gestures.

So for now, we focus on her activities and one day I know Little Miss will start making demands and we will fulfill all the genuine ones happily.

And if you want to know my favourite, it’s “All the animals are playing in the band, they’re having so much fun..” 😊

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