Our Love Story (Final Part)

Tonight, we are going on a dinner date. He has kept the venue a secret and he will be here anytime to pick me up. I am wearing a blue dress on his request. We have been meeting every Saturday for the last six months and have continued excursion of the city both of us now call home. I like spending time with him. He is warm and funny but also gets grumpy at times and I love his grumpy face too.


She is standing outside her apartment building and looking breathtaking as usual. She is wearing the blue dress I had gifted her and she looks so beautiful.

“Hi Ajanta.”

“Hi Anmol.”

“Shall we go?”

“Where are you taking me tonight?” She asks.

“Come on, I will show you,” and I direct her towards her building’s elevator.

“Why are you taking me back to my home?” she asks with her eyebrows slightly raised.

“Not to your home. Just come and you will see for yourself.”


Anmol takes me to the top floor of my building and from there we take the stairs to the terrace. I am confused but follow him anyway. Up on the terrace there is a table set for two. There are candles on the table and fairy lights designed like a canopy on top. It is so perfect I am left speechless.

“I thought of doing something special on Valentine’s Day so I planned all this with the help of your building’s guard and secretary. Do you like it?”

Words fail me so I just nod. I can feel tears of happiness in my eyes. He has put in so much effort into this date, I am overwhelmed.

He leads me to the table and as we take our seats, I ask him “Why did you ask me to wear blue?”

He says, “Because you were wearing blue the first time I talked to you.” I smile at this, of course he remembers this tiny detail.

“Ajanta, I like spending time with you. You make me want to be a better man. These past few months have been so perfect, I can’t even imagine not being with you. I love your face, your eyes, your smile, the way you pucker your nose while reading, the fact that you can spend hours inside a bookstore without getting bored. I love everything about you. I don’t know why I haven’t said this before but I am in love with you.”

As he looks at me waiting for my answer I realise I have been holding my breath. “I love you too” is all I manage to say and as we kiss for the first time, I know that we are meant for each other and I never ever want to be separated from him.

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