Our Love Story (Part 3)

I am outside Cafe Coffee waiting for her when I see her walk towards me. She is so beautiful, it catches my breath everytime I look at her.



“Shall we go in?”

“Let’s go.”

I open the door and we step inside the small cafe. There is an empty table in the middle of the cafe and we sit there. We order our coffees, hot for me and cold for her.

“Tell me about yourself,” she says.

“Well, I am a software designer working with Web World Solutions. I moved to this city about two years ago but I am yet to explore the city. I mostly get home and spend the time watching movies. That’s all about me.” I said all this in one go, I guess I am nervous. “Your turn now.”

“Hmm. I work as an analyst at a MNC. I spend my free time reading novels and I too haven’t explored this city apart from a few shopping malls.”

I look at her as I sip my coffee and she is looking at me with a faint smile on her face.

“I was thinking,” she says, “How about we see the city together? Would you like that?”

It was as if God had granted my wish. “Yes, of course. I was thinking the same. I hope you like bike rides.”

“I like bikes. Will this Saturday work for you?” She asks.

“Saturday it is then. Where should I pick you up and at what time?” I ask.

“Saturday morning at 9 outside Grand City Mall? I know a perfect place for brunch.”

“It’s a date.” We share our numbers and we leave the cafe to catch our train. Today we board the train together and as I get down at my station, I turn to look back at her and she waves bye to me with that beautiful smile of hers. I am falling in love, I am sure of it.

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