Book Review: Invincika

If we look at the Indian superhero segment, there aren’t many. Most of the superheroes exist in comic books and there are very few outside of the comics world. So, it was a nice change to have an Indian superhero, that too a female superhero.

Invincika is story of such a female superhero created by Varun Sayal. We have a monastery run by Guru Saum who trains superheroes, or rather we may call them super-humans. These super-humans are like normal humans, with the only difference that they have a Sigma gene in them that gives them a super power.

Ulka, one of the disciples at the monastery does have the Sigma gene but her power has yet not manifested. Once, when she is travelling with Guru Saum, they are both attacked and it is then that her power shows itself and she saves both herself and her Guru. As it turns out, her body cannot be hurt and she can throw laser beams through her forehead.

It then comes upon her to fight the bad, get rid of the chaos ensuing magnetar and face the bullies who are wrecking havoc on earth.

The concept is good, Varun Sayal’s superheroes are interesting and the story is fast-paced. With a mind-controlling villain and a gullible tyrant to fight against, Ulka The Invincika has her work cut out and makes for a fun read. With such a beginning, I am sure the next part will be equally interesting.

My rating: 4/5

I want to thank the author for the ARC.

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