My Fondest School Memory

My school life was quite ordinary. I started schooling from Lower Kindergarten and spent the next 12 years, that’s up to Std. 10 in the same school. The reason for my parents to admit me to this particular school was that it was close to home. My family has planned that they would transfer to another more famous school in a few years. But as time passed and I moved upwards from one class to another, I refused to leave my friends and teachers to go to another school. I was so adamant that I even resorted to tears to stop any discussion of changing schools.

I studied there for 12 years and thus, I have many many memories of my school life. All the fun, friendship and classes of course. How do I talk about any one fond memory? I mean, there are so many. All those games periods and library periods; having fun in the science lab; racing each other to the bus line after the school bell rang; arrival of the very first period for some friends while at school; finishing the food in tiffin boxes before the break! I can go on and on and the list will never end.

Some of my fondest memories are shared with my best friend, Prerna who was with me from class 1 to class 10. I believe we became best friends sometime in 6th or 7th class and were inseparable throughout our school time.

Every day after lunch and after classes, before we left for home, we used to walk around the school campus and talk about a myriad of things. Classes we liked, topics we didn’t understand, teachers we liked, cricket, politics, Harry Potter, and of course movies. We shared with each other all that we thought and felt. There were no secrets. If we had a crush on anyone, that was discussed to the point of exhaustion.

Since we talked so much, we were mostly seated away from each other in junior classes when nobody dared protest against a teacher’s decision. One of our teachers always remarked that we communicated with each other through our eyes. And it was true! All I did was turn and look at her and she knew what was going on in my mind.

The time we spent together is the happiest time of my school life and though she is not with us anymore, I feel her guiding me with her logic whenever I am lost.

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  1. What is it with parents and wanting to change schools once you have settled in 😐 My parents also wanted to do this but I refused too. You’re so right – choosing 1 school memory is hard.

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