Nature’s Beauty

As I sit in the garden and look around,
The trees sway gently in the breeze,
Their leaves rustling like a symphony.
The nests among these leaves,
Are where the birds live.
They chirp and sing with ease,
As they fly through the sky so heavenly.

The flowers bloom in a rainbow of hues,
Their petals soft and delicate to the touch.
The plethora of colours attract one and all,
And the bees buzz by, their work so much.

The rivers flow with a soothing sound,
Their waters clear and pure as can be.
The sun shines down, warming the views,
The rays bouncing off the surface,
Like a thousand fireflies.

The mountains rise up, towering and profound,
Their magnificent peaks a wonder to the eyes.

The earth is a canvas of beauty and grace,
A masterpiece that never fades or grows old.
Nature’s splendour, no one can replace,
For it’s a treasure more precious than gold.

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