Autism Awareness

ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder.

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental condition whose hallmark signs include hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention. Autism is also a neurodevelopmental condition, but one characterized by social skills challenges like social interactions, communications, and repetitive behaviors. Autism can affect individuals in a number of ways, from cognitive disabilities or outstanding abilities to varying sensory issues.

While there may be an overlap in symptoms between the two conditions, the underlying causes may be very different. For example, social struggles might be due to the impulsivity ADHD causes or stem from sensory overloads common with autism.

Individuals with ADHD might be prone to tantrums and meltdowns due to low frustration tolerance and high impulsivity; may struggle with staying on task for non-preferred activities; have excessive “fidgety” movement; act without thinking; and take physical risks. According to WHO, about one in 270 people in the world has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The United Nations has sanctioned the 2nd of April as Autism Awareness Day April is also celebrated as the month for Autism Awareness. What is the need for it, you may ask. Perhaps, the biggest factor for having an awareness day and month is to make people realise that the affected children or adults, for that matter, are not being difficult, they are having a difficult time understanding what’s going on around them. In a lot of cases, they fail to make sense of what is being spoken to them, what they are supposed to do in any situation.

I, as a mother of a child who has been diagnosed with ADHD and is also on the Autism Spectrum, know the difficulties. I see it in my daughter when she struggles to form words and I see it when she is not able to perform simple tasks. As a parent, it is tough for me too, specially when the people who only think well for me and my family, those who have the best interests in their hearts never felt shy to give nasty comments and tried to find which parents’ fault it was that our daughter was affected. But I have learnt to ignore all the negativity and find my joy in every little milestone she achieves, even if she is a few years late.

We as a family affected by ADHD and ASD, can only ask everyone to be tolerant towards people you meet. Imagine sitting in a room with people whose language you don’t understand. They are talking among themselves, they try to involve you but you don’t know what they are saying. Won’t it frustrate you? If you come across someone who is struggling don’t lose your patience, be tolerant and help them out. They are different, but they are not meant to be ostracised. Be aware and be kind. That’s all there is to being a human.

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  1. You have outlined the problems faced by children and adults suffering from ADHD and ASD very poignantly. That last analogy of sitting in a room full of people who are talking to each other and not being able to take part really touched my heart.

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