Hermione Granger and Harry Potter

H for Hermione Granger. H for Harry Potter.

That’s what my alphabet learning is about. And I am going to teach everyone the same. H is for these two best friends who always stood by each other. Hermione needed to protect Harry more than he ever had to but their friendship is one of the best in the series.

Harry and Hermione meet aboard the Hogwarts Expres on their first journey to Hogwarts and Harry did not really like her at first. They became friends a few months later and from then on they were always together. Harry, Hermione and Ron.

Now, you must be thinking why am I writing about them? The books have been scrutinised from so many angles and every relationship has been written and talked about. Ron was Harry’s best friend from the beginning but I think Harry’s and Hermione’s friendship was deeper than it has been credited.

There have been moments when Ron’s jealousy has overpowered his friendship and Ron has left Harry alone but Hermione never left his side. When Harry’s name came out of the goblet, everyone including Ron thought that Harry had put his name in the Goblet, she never once doubted that Harry was telling the truth.

She helped him practice for the first task, staying up all night to teach him and perfect his summoning charm, she gave him all the help and support he needed and made sure Harry completed the first task.

In Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, when Ron broke Hermione’s heart, Harry stuck with her and became her support throughout. He stayed by her even though she spent most of her free time in the library. When Ron walked out on them in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Harry and Hermione once again leant on each other and propelled each other through the dark times.

Every time things got tough for the trio, Hermione never left Harry alone. Ron’s anger always got the better of him. Ron always came back to them, but the fact is he did leave them.

In the course of the seven years that pass on this series, there were times when she may have had some words of wisdom for Harry, but as good friends know all too well, sometimes a silence doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.

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