Marvelous Mrs Malvika

I love the use of the adjective marvelous with women. Because, in my opinion women are marvelous indeed. I was watching The Marvelous Mrs Maisel on Prime Video and I thought that damn right, women are marvelous so this show has to be good.

I have so far only managed to watch a few episodes because I don’t get the time. I have too much on my plate and I am very seriously unorganised to manage watching TV as well.

But despite my procrastination and lack of time management, I find myself to be quite marvelous! I’m not boasting but seriously, like all the women in the world, I wake up with a list of to-dos in my mind and go to bed with another list of to-dos in my mind.

I wake up with a list of chores to do before I run off to work. Another list of to-do waits for me there and most of it is time bound (the joys of working in a Bank, every task has a strict deadline). Then I leave for home with a market list and reach home with another to-do list. In the midst of it all you add some seasoning of work hitherto forgotten.

Then, I also make time to read and write because otherwise I start finding my life very tedious. At least two pages of reading is mandatory for me everyday. So, you see, the fact that I don’t end up screaming my head off at everybody is in itself quite marvelous.

Every minute of the day for every woman around the world is accounted for but have you ever met a woman who has not served tea to her guests with a smile on her face? Have you met a mother who doesn’t cook that extra special dish for her children because they find the usual sabji boring?

Have you ever met a woman in the office who is not polite, despite being on her feet since early morning so that in her absence during the day her family has everything ready and in place?

The “I’ll see to this later” or “I’ll do this some other time” always comes to her mind only when she has to do things for herself. She delays her needs because family and work always come before her own needs.

So yes, we women are marvelous to our very cores and don’t you let anyone take away that sunshine from you.

This post is a part of #BlogchatterAtoZ 2023.

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