As I walk down the lanes where I spent my childhood,
I see the changes brought about by time.

Where there once was my old school,
Now stands a building with all glasses and shine.

I walk ahead lost in my memories,
The friendly neighbour’s room is now all gloom.

I suddenly feel untethered
Like a kite freed from its string.

I feel the burden of the wind,
But I choose to rise and soar.

As I rise untethered from the ground
I understand this life is meant to be free.

You may find joy in your memories
You mustn’t let them become chains that bind.

Be the wind, become the sky,
Be the bird that soars far above.

For when you are untethered,
You become one with all.

So make your wings strong,
Let your heart be your compass.

Find your path without any care,
For it may seem daunting at first,

But soon you will realise,
You love your life.

This post is a part of #BlogchatterAtoZ 2023.

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