Voice of Silence

Silence has a voice of its own. Most of the time you cannot hear it but sometimes the voice of silence is so loud that it becomes intolerable.

Imagine sitting in a room with your loved one and doing whatever you wish to do. You are both relaxing in your own ways and there is no need to fill the silence with meaningless chatter. You are so comfortable with each other, it’s like living with one’s own self.

Now, imagine another scenario where you have had a fight with your loved one and you are not talking to each other. That silence is oppressive, it screams in the minds. That silence has a voice that never speaks anything good.

Another voice of silence is the one where you connect with the inner stillness of your own self, the one that makes you one with your subconscious. That voice can become a very powerful tool for your personal growth.

Silence speaks on the mind in a way that brings to us peace and harmony with the Universe. So, how do we access this silence? How do we listen to this voice that is always silenced in the hubbub of normal day-to-day life?

The answer is to quieten the mind and find your inner stillness. Clear the mind of all thoughts. It is not so easy. After all, wasn’t Harry always berated by Snape for not being able to clear his mind, not being in control of his emotions? Sometimes I too wish I had a pensieve like Dumbledore had; removing some memories may give me more insight into my inner self.

In the modern world, where technology and constant stimulation are ubiquitous, it can be challenging to find the voice of silence. Many people are constantly distracted by their devices and the demands of daily life, and they may not even be aware of the presence of the voice of silence within them.

Clearing the mind is not a joke. It takes lots of practice to even meditate for a few minutes. But it is not impossible. Like the couple who find harmony in living together and happiness in the unspoken love between them, we too can find the same harmony within ourselves and then the voice of silence will lead us to happiness and fulfillment.

This post is a part of #BlogchatterAtoZ 2023.

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