Smile.. It’s Contagious and It Helps

Every morning I wake up with the hope that today will show some progress. Over the last three years or so, I have felt heartbreak and been clueless like very few can even imagine. But, I have also felt joy in little things to the extent of being overwhelmed.

The other day, a funny incident happened. Little Miss had recently started getting down from our bed to the floor without any help from us. This particular evening, she is playing on the bed and spots something on the floor that needs her immediate attention. So, she turns around and starts sliding down the bed.

Normally, what she does is after turning around on her belly, she holds on to the bedsheet and slides down till her feet touch the floor. Then she takes her hands off the bed, sits on the floor and crawls to her destination.

This time, she turns, starts sliding down on her belly but somehow she does not manage to get a grip on the bed and goes slipping down the bed on to the floor, landing on her bum. Generally, such a misstep brings about a crying episode from any child as this constitutes a classic “I fell from the bed”.

But she doesn’t cry. She just looks at the floor, looks at me and then starts laughing. She has found this sliding and slipping down the bed quite funny and I can’t help but start laughing with her. Her laughter is so joyous that I still find a smile creeping up my lips as I reminisce the moment.

Parenting Little Miss is full of such unadulterated happy moments. All we, as her family, do is enjoy life with her as she does. We have let go of all pre-conceived notions of parenting and childhood. And I have realised that once you let go of the yardstick set by the world, life becomes easier and happier.

Until next time, Little Miss and her Mom say Bye.

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