Our Love Story (Part 1)

There she is. Standing alone, right in the middle of the platform, waiting for the next Metro to take her home. I mean, I think so because it’s evening and I watch her everyday standing at the same spot, at the same time, boarding the same train.

Now don’t think of me as a creep who stalks girls because I don’t. I take the metro to go home after work and I noticed her the first time about a month ago, standing on the platform waiting for her train. We generally take the same metro and my stop comes before hers. I have been taking the same metro for quite some time now and while I wait for the train to arrive, I look around. I look at the benches, pillars, and people. That’s when I first saw her.

She is not mind-blowing or sweep you off your feet beautiful and yet, she is beautiful. It’s like once you see her, you can’t forget the face. Her hair is wavy and she always keeps them open. She is almost as tall as I am and one would not call her slim. Her face has that perfect look to captivate anyone. She has big eyes and I think they are brown, but I will need to watch them up close to be sure. She wears spectacles and I have never found anyone look so perfect in spectacles. Her lips are full and light pink on most days (I think that is her favourite colour of lipstick). Her expression is always one of a calm and content person and just looking at her makes me forget all my office frustrations. I want to talk to her, hear her voice, hear her laughter. I am sure it will be the happiest sound in the world.

Maybe I should go and introduce myself to her? I need courage to do this. Will she talk to me or ignore me completely? Come to think of it, such a pretty girl might not be single, though I have never seen her with anyone. Today, I am going to approach her like a decent man would and if she talks to me and turns out to be single, maybe I will be lucky enough to get her number. God please, let her not find me irritating.

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