Our Love Story (Part 2)

He is watching me again. He thinks he is being discreet but he cannot be more obvious. He doesn’t realise that I can see his reflection in the mirror on the opposite platform. So much for smartness.

I have been watching him for some time now. At first I took him as just a random person but with each passing day seeing him standing at the same spot behind me, I have come to the conclusion that he has been watching me.

He is not bad looking, I mean on a scale of one to 10 I will give him seven or seven and a half. He could dress better, though. Looking at his formal pants and shirt, I am afraid he could turn out to be pretty boring. But I do want to talk to him and yet I am not going to approach him in case he does turn out to be a creep or an axe-murderer!

But today, he is gazing quite intently. He seems unsure about something and I have seen him look directly at me for longer periods of time. All right, so he is now walking, towards me!

Ok, he is coming here.

Is he coming to talk to me? What will I say?

Should I respond or ignore?

Oh God! Why am I getting nervous?



“I am Anmol.”

“I am Ajanta.”

“Would you like to have coffee with me sometime? There is a nice cafe on this station where we can sit and talk and have some coffee.”

“Sure, why not? How about tomorrow?”

“Done. I will wait for you outside the cafe around this time. “

“All right.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Our train has arrived and as we are buffeted inside by the crowd we end up in different compartments. At least I have a coffee date to look forward to tomorrow.

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