Book review: Karna’s Celestial Armor

When mythology meets fiction, you either get a wonderfully concocted meal of a good story or an extremely bad soup that destroys your mood and appetite. Thankfully, in the case of Karna’s Celestial Armor it is the former case.

The story, written by Surendra Nath works on the premise that after Indra took away Karna’s kavach-kundal he hid it somewhere on earth and now our hero, Vasu, is looking for them under the guidance of the spirit of Karna.

This story moves forward from Karna’s Alter Ego where we met Vasu Sen for the first time. Now moving forward, Karna’s spirit approaches Vasu for a daunting task, retrieval of his kavach-kundal from some unknown part of the earth. So Vasu sets out with his Mahapurush Karna in pursuit of the kavach-kundal armed with only one information that the last living person to have seen it is Parshuram who resides on Mahendragiri. Needless to say, his task is daunting and he has to scourge through almost all parts of India to find what he needs.

The writing is good and the story is woven nicely with certain facts and myths. Every place has a history and is also connected to Hindu mythologies and Surendra Nath has used it well. The pace is fine but at times I felt that there was too much geography in the narrative. Beside that it is a good read, words flow and it holds interest till the end. Mahabharata is one of my favourite stories and so anything that has been properly built around it, is enjoyable to me. The author is promising and I hope to see more books from him.

I was given a copy of the book by The Book Fever for an honest review.

My rating: 3/5


Book Review: Second Chance

This is a story of an arrogant, mean man who is given a second chance to right all the wrongs that he has done. Shekhar Kapoor is a rich and successful businessman with no integrity and goodness in heart. He hurts people, treats the poor as trash and is ready to do anything to get what he wants. Once he takes over his father’s business, he demotes the General Manager of the company denigrating him to menial jobs. He promotes the boot-lickers and doesn’t give any recognition to the hard workers. He wishes the poor people and beggars to die. He starts receiving warnings through dreams, phone call, letter and email that if he doesn’t mend his ways he will have to face consequences. The same day he tells a poor woman who is begging for food that the world will be better if people like her die. And soon after, he loses control over his car and dies in the ensuing accident.

After his death, he meets the Bookkeeper and God of justice where his actions are taken cognizance of and every action of his earns him a punishment in hell that is horrifying. The bookkeeper shows him his wrongdoings and the effect all the actions had on the people around him. Standing there in front of God of Justice and the Bookkeeper, he realizes what a pitiful, mean person he is. He also sees hell and the punishments that the culprits are facing and he cries in horror and penitence. And that is when Shekhar Kapooor is given a second chance to correct all that he has wronged.

The book has been written by Dr. Sandeep Jatwa who has a vivid imagination and has definitely created a horrendous hell. The story is good and Shekhar Kapoor is loathsome. The other pivotal characters are Mr. Kailash, Unnati and Shekhar’s servant. Kailash is the demoted old man for whom any reader will feel sorry. With Unnati, the only complaint that I have is that she is given no depth in her character. She breaks her engagement and proposes Shekhar in a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, which is a little weird considering that until a few days back, she hated Shekhar. Barring that, everything else is good.

What spoiled my mood is the grammatical errors. They are way too many to ignore and it seems that no proof reading was done. At times I felt like an English teacher correcting exam papers. There are a lot of mistakes and that has affected a perfectly good story.

I want to thank Vinfluencers for sending me the review copy in exchange of my honest review.