Book review: The Last Attractor of Chaos

A spy story with a supernatural angle to it.

Book review: Tied to Deceit (ARC)

One affair, murder and many suspects

Book review: A Closetful of Skeletons

Lives turn upside down when skeletons come tumbling out of the closet.

Book review: Inside The Heart of Hope

This is a story of survival and hope.

Book Review: Trust Me Not

Trust Me Not, as the name suggests, is a story of love, betrayal, friendship and politics.

Book Review: 8 Hours

Aratrika Reddy, the charismatic CEO of ARYA Holdings Ltd., has just 8 Hours to save her company from certain bankruptcy. The multi-billion dollar hotels to steel conglomerate, founded by her mercurial father, liquor baron Madhusudhan Reddy, has many suitors, all of them plotting a hostile takeover. Aratrika‚Äôs estranged husband, Siddhartha is one of them. His … Continue reading Book Review: 8 Hours

Book Review: When Opposites Meet

It is a feel good love story.

Book Review: Transit Lounge

A travel story

Book Review: Hell! No Saints in Paradise

A non-believer's journey to find the reality of the concept of Paradise.

Book Review: The Woman Who Saw The Future

A young girl with the power to see the future.